All rabbits must be vaccinated against Myxomatosis, VHD & also the new strain of RVHD2.

Rabbits vaccinated for the FIRST TIME or are OVERDUE, for either the combined Myxo/RHD Vaccination and the new RVHD2 Vaccination must be immunised 21 days before checking in - this is to make sure the vaccines have taken effect and your bunny is fit and well before boarding.

A registration form needs to be filled in and brought with you on checking-in day. This is so we know as much about your pet as possible.

Vaccinations. We will refuse to board your pet/s if you can't provide evidence of their individual, up-to-date vaccination records/annual booster history. If you have lost your vaccination certificate, don't worry, you can get printed confirmation of vaccinations from your vet.

Males and Females. We only board neutered male and spayed female rabbits - if they are old enough to have had these procedures (which is around 16 weeks for males and around 20 weeks for females). This is for the comfort of all our guests.

General Health. Pets must be in good health and any medical conditions must be discussed with us before making a booking. Rabbits can not stay with us if they are showing any signs of 'Snuffles' (Pasteurella), any mite/lice infestation, illness, disease, injury or open wounds or who are on a course of antibiotics for something that could be contagious or have matted, dirty or wet bottoms as this makes them more prone to fly strike.

Checking-In and Checking-Out times are by an agreed appointment time only. Checking-in usually takes around 15-20 minutes. If you are running late please phone asap, as I work my 'bunny diary' around other commitments. If you are going to be overly late, we may have to rearrange a new time later that day, as there may not be anyone to greet you when you arrive.

If your checking-out date is delayed and you need an extra night, we'll do what we can to put your bunnies up for an extra night in their suite or in the Vanilla Villa. If you collect your pet before their arranged checking-out date, there is no refund for 'unused' days.

Payment: We require a £10 deposit per rabbit to secure your pets holiday with us. The balance is paid when you check-in. Bookings totalling £125 or more will require a 25% deposit. We accept cash or you can pay by *card payment.

  • *For Balance Payment Transactions up to £150 via iZettle, there is NO additional fee.
  • * For Balance Payments of discounted 'long-term' bookings, with a due balance of £150 or more, then a 2.75% fee applies - as    this is what we are charged, for the iZettle PayandGo service.

Cancellation Fees. We appreciate as much notice as possible if you have to cancel your booking, however, deposits are non-refundable. If you can't provide proof of vaccination status on checking in, your booking will be cancelled, however your deposit will be non-refundable.  If we have to cancel your booking, your deposit will be refunded in full.

Sickness. If your pet becomes ill during their stay we will contact you or your emergency contact immediately. If we are unable to contact anybody, we will get veterinary treatment for your pet and proceed in their best interest. Any costs will be payable by you upon your return.  We charge £10 for attending each veterinary appointment. Treatment details and receipts will be given to you when you check out.

If you pet needs to be hospitalised at the veterinary surgery, boarding fees are non refundable. However, we would waive the £10 charge for the veterinary appointment/transportation under these circumstances.

Sadly, small animals can pass away with very quickly with very little warning, after showing the initial signs of being sick, even following veterinary treatment. If this should happen, we will contact you immediately to discuss your wishes. Garden Lodge Bunny Retreat accept no liability in the unlikely event that this may happen. We will be unable to refund any remaining boarding fees and you will still be liable for any veterinary fees incurred, including cremation.

By signing our terms and conditions, you agree to pay any veterinary costs your pet incurs and settle any outstanding veterinary care bills with *ourselves, or the veterinary surgery, when your pet checks out.

*All card payments to settle vetinerary bills or transport to and from the vets incur a 2.75% transaction fee, as this is what we are charged for the iZettle PayandGo service.

. If bonded rabbits start fighting, in their best interests, they will be separated for the remainder of their stay. We will contact you immediately if this happens. There will be an additional charges for the 2nd suite/or the Vanilla Villa used to facilitate this.

Abandoned Pets. If you fail to collect your pets within 7 days of the agreed collection date (and you have made no contact with us to explain your circumstances) we reserve the right to surrender your pet to a rabbit rescue service to be made available for adoption. Of course we will do everything we can to contact you prior to making this tough decision.

Photographs. If you would prefer not to have your pets on our social media updates or used on our website then please let us know when you check in. All photography is (c) Amanda J Window.

All pet owners must accept that accident, injury, illness, disease, mite infestation (as hay & straw are natural products) death, theft, public liability and all other insurances for the animal or themselves whilst visiting and boarding with us are their responsibility and that Garden Lodge Bunny Retreat are released of any and all such liabilities.

By signing our registration form you confirm that you have answered all the questionnaire honestly and read and agree with our 'Terms and Conditions' for this and any repeat visits to the Garden Lodge Bunny Retreat.

It is the pet owners responsibility to check our Terms and Conditions before making a booking.

Last Updated June 2017

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