From 1st July 2018 ALL our clients will need to fill in a 'one off' registration form.

We will keep your form on file and it will only need changing if your information changes.
 However, if you don't use our service for over 24 months your form will be destroyed in line with our privacy policy.

You can either fill in and print off a form to bring with you or fill in the online form.


Registration Form 7 v3 2018.doc Registration Form 7 v3 2018.doc
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Online Registration Form

By signing this form I (the pet owner) confirm that

You do have permission to use photos of my pet/s on your

VETERINARY TREATMENT CONSENT I give consent for Amanda J Window to get any medical treatment/medication necessary for my pet.

If I can't be contacted, I give my consent for a general anaesthetic if it is necessary (optional)

I (the pet owner) agree that I am liable for any veterinary bills and they will be settled either directly with the surgery treating my rabbit or the Garden Lodge Bunny Retreat when I collect my pet.