We guarantee the best 'Home from Home' care for your pampered bunnies.

If your bunnies had this luxury at home...

... then why shouldn’t their holiday be just the same?

The days you drop off and collect your pets are charged as full days

Bank Holidays

We don't charge any extra for Bank Holidays.

Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day are charged at double the daily rate.

Your Bunnies 'Fully Inclusive' 

5 Star Holiday

What's Included:

✶  Tunnels or play-stick arches and various toys to keep our guests occupied.

✶  Pellet food - Only If your pet eats Burgess Adult Mint, Science Selective Adult or Pets at Home Adult pellets.

 ✶  Oodles of lush meadow hay in their litter box and at the hay bar on their balcony.

 ✶  A ‘welcome’ serving of Timothy Hay in a hay rack.

✶ A daily serving of fresh greens or herbal forage from our garden during the summer.

Fibre First sticks for treats.

✶ All suites are brushed and cleaned out daily.

✶ We use the professional veterinary disinfectant  'Anigene' and 'Ark Klens' to make sure everything is fresh and clean - before and during your pets stay.

Litter boxes:  We have large, medium and corner litter boxes.

We change our litter boxes each morning (and twice a day for bonded pairs, as we feel it's important that all bunnies have access to clean, fresh hay to encourage them to eat more of it).  We also add a sprinkling of ‘Readigrass’ on the top to encounter ourage natural foraging.

 Disabled and Elderly Bunnies can have the use of a low access litter tray.

All litter boxes are filled with lashings of meadow hay, but if you would prefer your bunnies litter box to have Timothy Hay then please let us know on the enquiry form. This is an exceptional quality Timothy Hay from Scotland, which is lush and green with lots of long strands.

 In Winter: 

✶ Our lodge is heated from September through to April to keep our house bunny guests warm and cozy.


Additional cozy beds with heaps of barley straw.

✶ Thermal fleece blankets/carpet tiles, if required.

✶ If it's really cold, each guest can also have a 'Snugglesafe' to cuddle up to.

During the Summer 

 We run a fan on warmer days and guests can chill out with an ice pod and a cool ceramic tile.

✶ We offer various checking-in and out times  throughout the day.

✶ We spend lots of time with your pet/s to make sure they settle in, are happy and eating well. So if your bunny loves cuddles and attention they’ll get plenty here! On nice days guests can have some outdoor time on our patio whilst we keep a watchful eye over them. 

Video camera monitoring, so we can keep an eye on our guests - even when we're out and about!

Regular updates via our 'Keep In Touch With Your Pet' service.

✶ Fully Insured & Vet Registered

✶ We only have 3 suites, so fill up really quickly during peak holidays, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

IMPORTANT:  If we don't stock your rabbits regular pellets then please bring some with you to avoid upset tummies and an unnecessary trip to the vet!

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