Bunny Suites

We provide a stimulating and fun suite for your bunny to stay in while you are away.
Each bunny suite is  3' x 6' x 4' high
so your bunny will have places to chill-out and hide, toys to play with and endless amounts of hay to chomp their way through.

What is included in the cost?

Fresh water daily in a bottle or bowl.

Litter boxes are changed daily and for bonded pairs we change the litter boxes twice a day.

Fresh hay will be provided each morning and topped up when necessary.

In summer we offer bramble leaves, garden herbs and fresh vegetables, including Cavolo Nero (Black Kale) to each guest.  During the winter months our 'greens' arrive via Waitrose or Tesco.

We provide Burgess Excel (dwarf/junior and Adult) or Pets at Home (Adult) pellets.  If your pet eats a different pellet food we ask that you provide these, as not to upset your rabbits delicate digestive system.

All suites are brushed and  cleaned daily.

All suites are disinfected with a veterinary grade disinfectant (Ark-Klens or Anigene) after each departure, ready for new bunny guests checking in.

Updates on your bunnies holiday via our exclusive 'Keep in touch with your pet' service.

... And of course strokes and bunny cuddles are also included in the price!


One Rabbit    £8.00 per day

Two Rabbits (Bonded)    £11.00 per day

Checking In and Checking Out days are charged as FULL days
Prices reduced by £1 per day 21/3/17 If anyone has already booked at the £9/£12 per day rate your balance will be adjusted on checking in.

For short overlap periods,  guests can chill-out in the 'Vanilla Villa' before being transferred to their suite.

We ask that you provide your pets normal pellet food if they don't eat Burgess Excel, Science Selective or Pets at Home Adult Pellets, as a sudden change in diet can cause upset tummies.

We feed all guests their pellet food twice a day and greens/vegi's at lunchtime.

We provide greens but you are welcome to bring their favourite vegetable items with you, if you prefer.

In summer we grow our own brambles, herbs and other rabbit friendly treats.

We don't feed bunnies sugary, egg or dairy based treats as rabbits are strict herbivores and sugars/eggs/dairy can upset their delicate tummies.

Please Note:

We do have a minimum 2 night stay, but for special circumstances we can waive this.

We charge 1 1/2 rate for Bank Holidays and Easter Monday.

We charge double the standard rate for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

We do ask that you stick to your allocated appointment times. If you feel you may end up running late please let us know ASAP.  If you arrive late, without notice, we can't guarantee that we will be available.

We don't have pets checking in or out on Xmas Eve (after 12 noon), Xmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Day.

We accept Cash or Bank Transfer for deposits and the remainder of your balance in cash when your pets check in.

We use fresh farm baled hay and dust extracted wood shavings in litter boxes (NOT SAWDUST). If your pet uses an alternative litter material (i.e. paper litter or wood pellets) then please bring enough to last their stay, as we do not supply this.

If there is anything else you would like to know please ask.



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