Booking Forms

Please bring a completed booking form with you when your pet checks in - for each and every visit.

Booking Form 2018.pdf Booking Form 2018.pdf
Size : 193.62 Kb
Type : pdf
This form is only for the few pets who may have been vet checked, prior to checking in.
Vet Check Disclaimer.pdf Vet Check Disclaimer.pdf
Size : 316.554 Kb
Type : pdf

My Vet Can't get the new Vaccine - What should I do?

Most vets in the UK now stock the vaccines for RHD2. However, if your vet doesn't stock it, please call us.  

We have 2 excellent local veterinary surgeries who are more than happy to vaccinate guests a before they come to board with us.

Vets4Pets logo

Vets 4 Pets , Altrincham Retail Park 

Phone: 0161 927 9318

Buchannan Vets Ltd (Timperley)

Phone:  0161 980 3663