Data Protection - May 2018
If you email us or fill in our online enquiry form and give us your name/contact details, your personal information may be stored manually or electronically. The Garden Lodge Bunny Retreat will only use this information to deliver the services you have requested.

On the 25thMay 2018 the data protection laws changed.

You need to be aware how the Garden Lodge Bunny Retreat (GLBR) store and use your personal information.

Your 'data' is the information that you provide to us on your registration form. This (paper record) is stored in a locked file. I do not hold (and have never held) an electronic database of clients personal information.

Your Personal Information Is:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Telephone Number
  • Your Email Address 

How we use this information?

We use this information to generate quotations, bookings, receipts, drop-off appointments in bookings diary, invoicing and our own accounts.    We also use the information provided to make sure we can meet the needs of your pet and that they meet our boarding requirements.

What Will Change From 25thMay 2018

If you email us or fill in our online enquiry form and give us your contact details, your personal information may be stored electronically or be printed off and stored manually in a locked file. The Garden Lodge Bunny Retreat will only use this personal information to deliver the services you have requested.

We will not make your personal details available to anyone outside our organisation, unless we are seeking veterinary assistance for your pet or we are obliged to by law. Unfortunately,we can't proceed with an enquiry or booking without using this information. 

We have recently amended our old style booking forms so that any personal information about you is on a separate ‘Registration Form’ that will be held on file and only destroyed if you don't use our service for over 24 months or you request that we destroy it

All the other information you provide (on the booking form) are your booking dates and the current health/diet status of your pet.

From 25thMay 2018 we will file your Registration Form for 2 years only. After this a new one will need to be filled in. 

All email correspondence will be deleted after 12 months.

Some emails or personal data may be held for longer that the stated periods if:

  • Your booking was made more than 12 months in advance.
  • Your pet needed to see a vet during their stay.
  • There was a problem re: boarding refusal, non-payment of boarding/veterinary fees or pet abandonment.
  • We need it for our accounts. The Inland Revenue regulations state that we need to keep accounting records for 6 years.

All data that I may have previously had on file has been destroyed.

How This Affects You 

  • All enquires for boarding must now be conducted via our contact form or by email as to keep all the 'sensitive information' in one place. This information will be deleted after 12 months.
  • If you send a text requesting availability you will be directed to our contact page or asked to send an email.
  • If you tick the box on the contact/booking form it means you have given me permission to use and keep your personal data as per our policy.
  • For every booking you make with us in future, a new booking form will have to be completed and brought with you when you drop your pets off. Previous booking forms will only be kept for a limited period of time before being destroyed.
  • Pet health forms contain no personal data.
  • When paying a deposit we ask that you use your rabbits name in the 'reference' if you can. We are legally unable have your personal data (your name) removed from our banks records.
  • Due to the changes we will no longer be contacting clients, in mailshots, about important changes that might affect future bookings.
  • It will now be your responsibility to check for any updates on vaccination policies, current prices , closure dates, and changes to our Terms & Conditions on our Website.

Access to your information, Deletion and Corrections 

You have the right to ask us for a copy of any information that we have about you. This can be done by sending us an email to - we will give you this information within 30 days.

If you would like us to delete all your personal information, again, please send us an email with your full details (so we know we have the right person) to

Updated 5th May 2018