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Did you know there is a new rabbit virus called RHD2?

To check availability - please send us an email

Let us Know:

  Your Name and Phone Number

  Your Rabbits Name/s (for Correspondence)

   The dates that you want to drop-off and collect your pets (As your own holiday dates may differ)

  If you have a single bunny, bonded pairs or pets that have to live separately

If your rabbits usually live indoors or outdoors (As the lodge is heated in winter)

 Your rabbits Vaccination and Neuter status

 and anything else that we may need to know.

Our Email is:

We reply to all our messages at around tea-time every day.


We can only board rabbits who are neutered/spayed
(unless they are young babies and not old enough)
 and fully vaccinated against:
Myxomatosis/RHD (12 Monthly) & 
RVHD2 (6 Monthly)



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'Keep in touch with your pet' 

and see all our guests enjoying their holiday.

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