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About Us

We understand that finding suitable boarding for house rabbits and rabbits who are used to having lots of room can be a concern.

So we offer an alternative to traditional hutched boarding, providing our guests with an indoor, luxury, fully furnished, 6' x 3' 'bunny suite' complete with a balcony, so your pets can fulfill their need to hop, jump, explore and play in a safe environment, whatever the weather.

Specialised Rabbit Care

We only board rabbits, so you can be assured that your bunnies will have the very best specialist care available, whilst on holiday with us... you can go away to enjoy yours!

Garden Lodge Bunny Retreat is located in Altrincham, Cheshire.  8 Miles from Manchester Airport and just off the A56 Manchester Road - Not far from Altrincham Retail Park.


We have 3 bunny suites. The Blossom, the Blubell Suite and the Honeysuckle suite. We feel that by only having a few rabbits in residence at any one time, that we can give each guest the pampering and attention they need during their luxury holiday.

Our suites are 6ft long x 3ft wide with a balcony area permanently fixed at the end. Our suites are open topped so this gives house bunnies that 'open feeling' that they are used to - so they don't feel confined.

Whichever suite your rabbit stays in, they will have a colour co-ordinated box to keep their personal belongings in.

For short overlap periods (up to 24 hours) we have the *Vanilla Villa available for guests to chill out in until their suite is ready or if there have been any delays with collecting pets. 

Each suite has it's own colour co-ordinated bed and litter box. Our toys include jungle balls and stacking cups to play with. We offer a tube hideout or a playsticks tunnel and everything is disinfected between guests using a professional veterinary disinfectant called Anigene (or Virkon when we do a deep clean) or steam cleaned.  Bottles and bowls are all sterilised in a steam steriliser.

Guests can chill out listening to the radio or totally relax to Zen music.

* The Vanilla Villa is a roomy 5'x 2' hutch in a separate building. The Villa is insulated, has vinyl flooring complete with a litter box. Your pets can have their toys and familiar things with them if they need to use it.  We don't book the Villa out for guest accommodation (even to bunnies who are used to living in hutches) as it is for emergency use only.


Like catteries or kennels, rabbit boarders also insist that rabbits are fully vaccinated before they go into boarding.  Each establishment will have their own policy on this.

To board with us rabbits need to have 2 separate vaccinations:

1. Nobivac for Myxomatosis/VHD
2. Filavac (or Eravac) for the new strain of RVHD2.

Rabbits being vaccinated for the first time or are overdue with either of the vaccinations, must be immunised at least 21 days for Nobivac and 14 days for *Filavac (*or equivalent vaccine)  - before checking in.  This is so your pet/s have built up their full immunity and are out of the incubation periods for each virus.

Because the two vaccines work in different ways they are given separately - with a minimum of 2-3 weeks between each injection. So please give enough time before making any last minute bookings for ‘unvaccinated or overdue‘ pets. We can not compromise on any of these timescales - as this is for the protection of all our guests.

Please note: We can only board rabbits who's vaccination for RVHD2 has been given within the last 6 months. If it is more than 6 months since their last one, then a booster is required before boarding.

When you make your booking, please check your vaccination certificates to make sure your rabbits will be up to date during their holiday dates. If you are in any doubt about their vaccination status, please call your vet for confirmation.


We ask that you bring your rabbits own pellet for with them to eat here to avoid upset tummies, however we provide oodles of lush meadow hay, a daily serving of greens and a sprinkle of Readigrass - so they can forage through their litter box. If your rabbit has a hay/vegi only diet or prefers a specialist hay then please bring this with you and they can use our Manor Pet Housing Hay Station to nibble it from.


For the comfort of all our guests we only board neutered male & spayed female rabbits. This makes sure that the suites can be cleaned properly after each pet leaves. Both Males and females should have been neutered/spayed at least 6 weeks (Males) or 3 week (Females) before their holiday. This is so their hormones have time to settle and they have fully recovered from their operation.


Please let us know of any health issues that you pet has or medication that they take regularly - prior to making a booking.  Although we do look after disabled (limb/blind/deaf) and elderly/arthritic bunnies, we haven't the facilities to care for rabbits with head tilt.


Please feel free to bring your rabbits own bed, cuddly blankets, chew toys and favourite things with them - as this also helps them to settle in.

Sometimes we give guests a carpet tile to chill out on - and you can take this home with you at the end of their stay.


During the winter months our lodge is heated to keep our house bunny guests comfortable. If your rabbit lives outdoors in winter, we can discuss what will be most suitable for them.


We don't let boarding bunnies play on our lawn as we can't disinfect our grassed area. However, we find that guests are quite happy to chill out in their spacious holiday suites, without the need to go outside.


You can pay the remaining balance of your pets holiday
on a card when you check in...

...a receipt will be sent directly to your email.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details
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